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Our mission is to deliver top-shelf and premium whole-plant hemp organic dog treats. 

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Balanced Treats

Our wholesome vegan goodies with only 5 ingredients will surely be essential in your pet-care arsenal.

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Back to Your Dog’s Natural State

Even as they age, they’ll experience a vibrant and healthy life with a full range of benefits.

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Treats Worth Wagging For

Our hemp treats for canines are of the highest quality and formulated for your dog's daily supplemental needs. There are never preservatives and chemicals added.

We Want All Dogs Happy

Now with 10 grams of hemp cannaboid in every bite our supplements make your pets healthier and happier.

The Bark-efits

With organic premium ingredients and a high cannabinoid concentration, your dog will experience relief in anxiety, pain and stress, and help their skin and coat by reducing irritation!


I started giving my dog Indicalm treats to help him with his anxiety. After giving him a couple of dog treats, I noticed a positive change in his attitude. My dog had finally started to relax and now seems to be a much happier boy!

– Michelle S.

My dog was in serious pain for so many years. I tried many medications from my vet, but nothing seemed to ease her pain! Then I tried Indicalm treats. The amount of relief my dog has had has meant the world to our family.

– Jess B.

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