7 Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp

7 Benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp

Hemp has been called the miracle plant. Not only for its pain management and healing properties but for its numerous other health benefits such as reverting our internal mechanism to the natural homeostasis baseline. In other words, making our bodies happy and function as they should.  

Numerous scientific studies have proven that the cannabinoids in hemp are just as effective in their beneficial effects as traditional pharmaceutical chemicals. So much so, that the professional medical community has begun to recommend and administrate them as an alternative treatment for severe and stubborn conditions.  


Because it includes all the known cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant, except for one – THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)… the molecule that gets you high.

Full Spectrum Hemp contains 100 different cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (Cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), and many more. 

By extracting THC from the equation, you will receive all the benefits of cannabinoids without feeling hallucinated and stoned. 

Let us review the 7 most scientifically studied health benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp:


Cannabis has been used for eons as a natural pain reliever. One of the reasons why we experience pain is because of inflammation in our muscles, joints, and tissues. 

Studies indicate that the cannabinoids present in Full Spectrum Hemp are highly effective in reducing inflammation and therefore: 

Less inflammation, less pain.  

Less inflammation, better mobility.  

Less inflammation, healthier bodies.


One-third of the population in the US experiences anxiety-related disorders at some time in their lives. Busy homes, work demands, uncertain events all contribute to chronic stressed minds and bodies.  

Several double-blind studies indicate that cannabinoids present in Full Spectrum Hemp are effective in reducing Stress and calming daily anxieties. 

Furthermore, promising new research suggests that cannabinoids are also instrumental in improving our natural coping abilities.  

In case you missed it... that's a double punch of fix the problem and help build-up resilience. 


In recent years, the medical community has rallied behind cannabinoids as research continues to provide more evidence that CBD (present in Full Spectrum Hemp) is effective in treating many chronic conditions - such as pain, nausea, chemo-related side effects.

More and more patients welcome hemp as part of their treatment options because the natural solution is less invasive than pharmaceutical alternatives, safer in most cases, and non-addictive. 

For more information on how cannabinoids works, please read our blog, "What's with cannabinoids?"

… but in short, the cannabinoids in Full Spectrum Hemp interact with the different receptors present in the immune system to relieve pain. 


We're sure you know that the #1 cause of deaths in the US is heart-related. You've also heard that diet and exercise play a crucial role in having a healthy heart… but sometimes that's not enough.  

Scientific studies have found that cannabinoids in Full Spectrum Hemp help dampen inflammation, reduce arterial blockage, and improve blood flow so that the heart can do what it does best easier and with less effort.


Got sleepless nights?  

Scientific research indicates that the synergetic relationship between CBD and other cannabinoids present in Full Spectrum Hemp is effective in reducing insomnia and overall relaxation.  

The Anti-insomnia benefits, in combination with the anxiety and stress-reducing properties, help with better night's sleep and more rested feeling throughout the day.


Skin is the body's largest organ. Sometimes the skin reacts to internal imbalances by exhibiting painful and unpleasant symptoms… such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. 

The skin contains both CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. These receptors lock and interact with cannabinoids present in Full Spectrum Hemp to promote better dermal health and younger-looking skin.  


Recent findings have unlocked another benefit to taking Full Spectrum Hemp… The cannabinoids can help reduce overall appetite. 


As discussed before, the cannabinoid anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation in the digestive tract so that the body can better absorb macro and micronutrients, which help us in feeling more satisfied.  

When satiated, you potentially eat less   -->   Less eating means less caloric intake   -->   Less caloric intake means losing weight.


As research unlocks more benefits of cannabinoids present in Full Spectrum Hemp, consumers need to choose products with the highest quality ingredients and ensure potency for maximum results. 

Indicalm's line of Full Spectrum Hemp products are only made from organic, wholesome hemp plants, and tested by independent 3rd-party laboratories for verification and potency.  

Please see our About page to learn more about our approach to producing cannabinoid-rich hemp products.