So, really… what is CBD (and how should I use it)?

So, really… what is CBD (and how should I use it)?

It’s everywhere these days. Once available only at the underground vitamin shop’s bottom shelf, it’s now at your high-end grocery stores, local pharmacies, and corner coffeehouses.

It’s in lollipops, morning cereal, hummus, mustard, deodorants, beard balms, and nail polish (… yes, nail polish!)

We know CBD is good, but nail polish doesn’t… I mean, how… and what… Never mind.  

With all the noise, it’s clear we need to get our facts straight and discuss how to do things the right way for maximum benefits. 


For a more in-depth look into the process, please read our blog, “What’s with Cannabinoids?”

But briefly… CBD is one of the dozens of chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, found abundantly on the Cannabis plant. CBD reacts with our natural endocannabinoid system to keep the inner workings of the mammalian body run like a well-lubed machine.  

The CBD molecule is widely documented for its therapeutic applications for:

- Pain Management

- Anti-Inflammatory Properties

- Epilepsy and Seizure Control


- Depression

- Anxiety

- Schizophrenia

- Nausea 

- and promising research into its effects on cancer and tumor growth.


A common misconception is that CBD is marijuana and, therefore, illegal.  

First, CBD is not marijuana and does not get you “stoned.” Unlike its cousin compound THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and safe to use.  

Second, CBD is not illegal. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill) legalized hemp-derived CBD as long as the product met strict federal guidelines. The compound is legal for consumption in the United States - as long as it is pure and contains less than 0.3% THC.


With countless products in the market, how do you choose the right stuff?  

Read the label and make sure it passes three essential criteria:

1) Is the product lab tested for integrity? 

- Having a lab-vetted product is crucial. A professional laboratory “Certificate of Analysis (aka COA)” confirms the integrity and purity of the CBD isolates. No COA… you don’t know what you’re getting. 

** All Indicalm products have COA certification available on the specific product page.

2) How much CBD Isolate is in the product?  

- Check for the amount of claimed CBD Isolate in the product. CBD extraction is a costly process, and you want to make sure that you are getting precisely what is claimed. This information is available on the COA provided.

** All Indicalm products have COA certification available on the specific product page

3) Are the ingredients real food and organic?

- The delivery method of CBD Isolate is just as important as the purity of the molecule itself. It defeats the purpose of consuming CBD Isolates with less-than-ideal accompanying ingredients.  

** Check ingredients list both on the product page or the packaging nutritional facts.

All Indicalm products are made with real food and certified organic ingredients. No GMO’s. No Synthetic Chemicals. 

Our hemp is grown in open fields and not in synthetic greenhouses. Sun-grown all-natural goodness.  

Read more about our methods on our "About" page.  


For best results, be mindful that CBD is most beneficial when consumed in concentrated (isolated) and pure form. The higher the CBD content and its purity, the more effective the results. Please refer to the Indicalm product page (and packaging) for the recommended dosage.  

In general, we recommend edible forms of cannabinoids because they are better absorbed and delivered to the cells than some topical variants… sorry, we cannot vouch for nail polish.  

Lastly, allow a few days for CBD to be absorbed and propagated throughout the body. Be patient. A consistent daily dose will help maintain the levels of CBD in your (or pet’s) body for therapeutic absorption and healing. Pay attention to the effects and adjust the dosage accordingly.  

A good practice is to “start low… go slow.” 


Please read our blog on Full Spectrum vs. Elemental Hemp for a more in-depth discussion.  

However, in general - Our Elemental Hemp (hemp-derived CBD Isolates) are formulated for targeted therapeutic benefits, and our line of Full-Spectrum Hemp is for Comprehensive Wellness and restoring your metabolic homeostasis.