Full Spectrum Case Study

Meet Sandy - a maturing Beagle. Although she was once a spunky and faithful companion-pet, recently, age had caught up to her... and things have not been the same.

She had lost the bounce-in-her-step and seemed to be in discomfort all the time. She wasn't eating like she used to, and her fur was turning dull and brittle. So, her concerned human-mom began supplementing her diet with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, and her condition began to turn around in the following weeks.

After only a week, Sandy's appetite improved significantly. She seemed to move about with more energy and less pain. She behaved more relaxed and playful... and her fur coat began to show signs of health.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil helped Sandy regain metabolic homeostasis, manage age-related nutritional imbalances, and allowed her to become a healthy pet once again.