Elemental Dog Treats

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Indicalm Elemental Hemp Dog Treats feature 10mg of Elemental Cannabinoid Isolate (CBD) Oil per chew to promote therapeutic benefits for your pet, naturally. Each treat is a delicious snack designed to support their physical & mental well-being through human-grade organic ingredients like peanut butter, coconut oil, and non-GMO hemp isolates. With just 5-ingredients, this wholesome vegan goodie will surely be essential in your pet-care arsenal.

12 treats per pack

Pets can enjoy as a dietary supplement daily or as-needed basis.


  • Studies have shown to help relieve pain
  • Effective in treating Seizures
  • Eases anxiety for pets who exhibit nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or have difficulty responding to environmentally-induced stress
  • Controls aggression
  • Reduces inflammation 
  • Comforts joint pains and promotes flexibility for better mobility
  • Improves metabolism and increases appetite
  • Boosts immune system

Meet Ralph - a ten-year-old Golden Retriever. He's been diagnosed with advanced-stage arthritis and other age-related conditions.

Ralph moved around (if at all) in visible pain… The loss of appetite made his body weak and slow to heal… and the neverending aches made this once gentle and kind dog irritable and aggressive.

Ralph's veterinarian told his human-parents about promising new research into cannabinoid isolates and their benefits. He thought that CBD might help with Ralph's suffering conditions and suggested for them to look into the supplement. After reading the research for themselves, the human-parents decided to start him on the Elemental Hemp (Isolated CBD Cannabinoids) Treats.

Shortly after that and little-by-little, they began to notice improvements. Ralph started eating more and behaved less agitated. He seemed to have just a bit more energy to move around... and for the first time in a long time, one evening, he worked his way up onto the couch next to them… to his parents, it was an emotional accomplishment.

Elemental Hemp Treats has helped Ralph live each day a little easier.


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